Property Management Services

Synergistic Property Management offers a comprehensive suite of services. These services include marketing, screening, placement, maintenance, eviction, property inspections, rent collecting, and financial reporting.


There is nothing more costly than a vacant property.  Our Professional Marketing Strategy uses several tools to find the tenants for your property.


Unqualified tenants can be costly. Our screening process ensures qualified tenants.


The placement of tenants is critical, ensuring all proper documentation is in order. Our leasing, marketing, and placement processes services ensure your property is quickly and efficiently filled. We offer a complete solution, or these services can be purchased individually. 


In managing your property, maintenance is critical. A well-maintained property brings good tenants. We will process maintenance requests and coordinate with vendors to do the job efficiently.


Unfortunately, evictions occur. We handle the process and work to find a new tenant for your home.

Property Inspections

Regularly scheduled property inspections and current records help to maintain your income asset. 

Rent Collection

We handle rent collection for you.  Our online portal makes it easy for tenants to pay online. Owners have their own portal where they can access documents, run reports, download invoices and check finances.

Financial Reporting

Regular financial reporting is critical to managing your income asset. Our online portal allows you to access your information at any time. 

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